[mythtv] [patch] DEC2000-t scan hangs - more info (1/1)

Jim mythdev at penyball.cix.co.uk
Sun Feb 27 14:00:00 UTC 2005

Attached patch is to fix the DEC 2000 record/live tv modes which were 
broken by the 0.17 dvb changes - it doesn't attempt to fix the scanning - 
you still need to manually update the channel table (serviceid for channel 
eg from tzap & mplexid points to correct multiplex in dtv_multiplex) and 
probably the dtv_multiplex tables if  the scan hasn't get the frequencies 

> Hi - I seem to have come up with exactly the same workaround myself last
> night!
> I have been running a hacked version with both a PCI Nova-T and a
> DEC2000-t on USB, and it seems to work fine for recording and live-TV
> etc, though I haven't fixed the channel scan for Dec either - I just
> used the Nova-t to fill my database.
> Having looked at tzap and some of the linuxtv api docs, I would guess
> that this is a valid fix - they don't seem to set up the demux using
> DMX_PES_OTHER. From what I can understand, the PCI Nova-T driver does
> handle it 'correctly' if the PID is sensible, but I would bet that the
> DEC2000-t driver isn't alone in not supporting it - there seem to be
> quite a few posts about DVB-T cards that still work on tzap/dvbstream
> but not on Myth 0.17...
> Hope that helps,
> 		   Joe.
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> > Hi - this mail refers to an original message posted by Frank Muenchow 
> > regarding problems with a DEC2000-t DVB-t device.  I have what appears
> > to be the same problem, but this time in the UK.  Also, my PC has a 
> > second tuner - a Hauppage WinTV Nova-T - which is working perfectly, 
> > so I suspect a problem specific to the DEC2000-t here.
> I have the same issue - 
> The scan code doesn't appear to set up the correct entries in 
> dtv_multiplex - the set of frequencies (apart from the first two) are 
> wrong - I don't know why yet. I had to build channel and dtv_multiplex 
> tables manually from a 0.16 dvb_channels/dvb_pids. Having set these up 
> verbose logging shows the card gets opened - all the EIT data and the 
> correct pid values etc are logged but I still got "No data from card in
> 1 
> second"
> I finally get the Dec 2000 to work by hacking the
> DVBRecorder::OpenFilters 
> method. 
> When _software_filter_option is false this function calls ioctl on the 
> device with DMX_SET_PES_FILTER for each PID - unfortunately it always 
> calls the ioctl with a pes_type of DMX_PES_OTHER - which won't set up
> any 
> data feeds from the DEC 2000. 
> The passed ES_type is no longer compatible with the parameter type of 
> dmx_pes_type so a switch on the passed ES_type is needed to set the 
> correct type in the parameters
> If this is added then everything works ok (recording, live tv etc)
> I'm reporting this now because I don't understand the intention behind
> the 
> 0.17 design and someone else might. I don't want to suggest a patch
> until 
> I've got some confidence it won't break anything.
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