[mythtv] Re: Automatic backtrace on crash (crashhandler)?

jam at tigger.ws jam at tigger.ws
Sat Feb 26 00:24:01 UTC 2005


> When mythbackend or mythfrontend crashes, one has to get the source, 
> compile with debug option, let it run in gdb and hope to be able to 
> reproduce the crash.
> When aMule crashes, it automatically spits out a backtrace into the console.
> I wonder, if this could be implemented in myth, too? I guess, this will 
> cost some performance, but if it would be only a few percent, maybe it 
> would be worth it.

Most distros turn off core dumps by default (???)
You can enable with ulimit (man bash)

When a back or frontend crashes it will make a core file

gdb application core

Will set gdb at the crash point. Sometimes a mess, often usefull, often

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