[mythtv] Sound is too loud

Eric Hattemer eric at hattenator.dyndns.org
Wed Feb 23 05:31:21 UTC 2005

Nevermind, I found the relevant setting in the recording profiles.  It 
seems the way that volume is handled has changed (it seems more 
exponential), but setting it helped with the distortion. 

-Eric Hattemer

Eric Hattemer wrote:

> This fixed it (it was in mysys on my system too).  But after my 
> upgrades the recordings are way too loud (amped to the point of 
> distortion).  This could be an alsa thing.  I tried changing the 
> (somewhat new) "do not adjust volume" setting in the setup.  Then even 
> if I put the capture volume in alsa to max, all I hear is 
> interference.  If I turn that setting off, and turn my capture amount 
> to 7%, it is blastingly loud and distorted.  How does mythtv decide 
> how to amp the tuner card?  Has this changed in the last couple of 
> months?  The old alsa drivers let me set AUX and Capture volumes, and 
> it composited them together.  The new one just lets me set Capture 
> volume, and I can turn AUX off or on.  What can I do to turn down the 
> recording volume?  All my old recordings sound fine.
> -Eric Hattemer

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