[mythtv] Re: Trying to compile linux-2.6.10-DVB

martin north martin at chipsandpeas.com
Tue Feb 22 11:04:17 UTC 2005

> Ah, but it's morning here now. :-) I'll have a rummage. As a temporary measure 
> you could just exclude the building of the new or51211 driver... and having 
> just re-read your message... must get coffee. must get coffee. 

Related point: There seems to have been a major change in the DVB drivers 
for 2.6.10. So much so that the Nova-T drivers are broke - it fails to tune 
correctly (check out the linuxtv mailing lists). I believe it is fixed in 
2.6.11. So you probably want to give 2.6.10 a wide berth anyway, and wait 
for 2.6.11... 

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