[mythtv] MythSOAP Expressions Of Interest

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Mon Feb 21 19:47:12 UTC 2005

On Monday 21 February 2005 01:19 pm, Adam Jenkins wrote:
> >>Whether it's  a SOAP, DBus, or MythTV Protocol
> I'm still at a loss why it has to be one or the other to tell you the
> truth.  If you have a good OO system with, say, a bunch of command
> objects using a marshaller/unmarshaller system.  Write the
> marshaller/unmarshaller with a standard interface and make it an
> abstract boundary (AbstractFactory).  Let the user decide which protocol
> they want to run.  In this case, the only thing that needs to change to
> support different protocols is the marshaller/unmarshaller.  Then, when
> <insert fantastic new protocol here> comes along, you can just write a
> new marshaller/unmarshaller and plug it in when required.

I _don't want_ to have to support bugs in multiple protocols.  Additionally, 
this has to be integrated completely into myth - no more library dependencies 
are allowed for core functionality.


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