[mythtv] Re: pcHDTV-3000, DVB drivers, QAM -- working!

David Shay david at shay.net
Mon Feb 21 00:19:08 UTC 2005

Select Scan for Channels,  choose full scan, select ATSC transport as "Cable" instead of Terrestrial.

Only problem for me is that the only channels I found don't appear to be "real" HDTV channels.  They are apparently SDTV broadcasts and show up as 51-3,51-4,51-5,51-6, and 51-8.  This is on Adelphia in the Cleveland suburbs.  Others with QAM tuners that live near here and are also on adelphia report channels showing up on 105-3,105-5 and 105-8 as well as 113-1 and 113-2.  

According to channels-conf.qam, found on http://digitalregime.com/patches , one of these frequencies (for either 105 or 113) wasn't even available in the menus or the sql tables.  Anyone else out there working with Myth and QAM and have any advice here?
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  How did you get them to work?

  When I goto mythsetup and select DVB it recognizes the card but will not let me change to QAM. 

  How do I do a QAM scan?


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