[mythtv] [PATCH] MediaMonitor UDF file system recognition

Craig Rindy developstuff at qwest.net
Sun Feb 20 21:07:37 UTC 2005

J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> Craig Rindy wrote:
>> The attached patch makes MediaMonitor recognize CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs 
>> with the UDF file system (in addition to the current ISO-9660 file 
>> system support) as "CD-ROM"s (is_cdrom variable).  This makes 
>> MythVideo work properly for those of us who need to use UDF for >4GiB 
>> AVIs and such.
> Doesn't that break the existing DVD detection logic?

It didn't for me, but I didn't test every possible combination of 
relevant configuration.  When I put in a DVD-Video disc, Myth still 
brings me to the DVD menu like I configured it to do.  Also, DVD-Video 
discs still don't appear in MythVideo with their AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS 
directories.  But if anyone notices that this breaks any desired 
behaviour, please let me know, because I will fix my patch if 
necessary.  Wives don't like to hear "But I have to use the keyboard 
to mount the disc manually because it contains a UDF file system."

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