[mythtv] Patch to DO deletion when file doesn't exit

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Feb 16 22:39:20 UTC 2005

Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:

>On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Mark wrote:
>]The current behaviour appears to be if the file of a recording doesn't
>]exist then the backend will refuse to remove the data from the database.
>]I can't see any sense in this, what else would you want to do with
>]useless metadata?
>]How else do I get rid of these darn empty programs?
>]Patch attched leaves the "file didn't exist" warning in, but now removes
>]the metadata too.
>]It's trivial, but hasn't been tested more than once
>Wouldn't it be just as trivial to add some code to TVRec to check if 
>the recorder started before inserting metadata?
As a simple fix, it *should* be.  As some have pointed out on -users, 
the end user could be left with no recording and no visible reason why.  
The best solution is probably a method by which the user is left with 
some kind of visible indicator of the problem while still preserving the 
deletability of the metadata and file.  Any easy fix along these lines 
might be not to insert the filename into the DB until the recording is 
really going and then adjusting the code in the necessary places that if 
the filename doesn't exist to notify the user accordingly.  I don't know 
how many places in the code manipulate the filename but it might not be 
too many...


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