[mythtv] [PATCH] Add support for specifying directory to usefor configuration

Neulinger, Nathan nneul at umr.edu
Sun Feb 13 17:03:20 UTC 2005

I agree completely - and would prefer that option, however I based my
patch on discussions that I saw on this list previous indicating that
getting that behavior back would be very difficult... 

Note - that would also require changes to the theme cache mechanism,
otherwise it will be constantly rescaling... 

-- Nathan

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> Nathan Neulinger wrote:
> ...
> > I use myth on my primary desktop system and usually like 
> watching programs
> > in a 800x600 window, however, occasionally I like to watch 
> stuff full
> > screen. Mythfrontend as it stands now doesn't provide any 
> non-tedious way
> > to accomplish that.
> I hate to derail the rest of the discussion but if this is the
> problem you are trying to solve, this is a tedious way to do it.
> It would be much better to bind a key to toggle between windowed
> and fullscreen on the fly during playback. We used to have this
> (like back in version 0.9 maybe) before there was some GUI window
> handling redesign. Nobody, self included, bothered to implement
> this after the change and no one complained. However, it was a
> nice feature and it would be good to have it again. Much easier
> to press a key during playback than to exit the frontend and
> restart it with a different environment just to change a couple
> internal variables.
> --  bjm
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