[mythtv] Input Source Preference question/DVB cards

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Feb 11 18:58:32 UTC 2005

Taylor addressed the bug in your second paragraph but I'd like
to help out with this first part.

James Armstrong wrote:
> What exactly does the Input Preference in the Input sources do? I 
> thought it would pick a particular card / input for recording when a 
> show was available on more than one input. If I have local channels on 
> cable on one pvr250 and local channels from dish on another can I set 
> the Input preference higher on the dish card so it would try and record 
> from that card over the cable card? I know you can do it per Channel in 
> the database but I would rather have it done per card, it would be easier.

First, you may not even need or want Input Preference in this
case. When the schedule is filled in, it picks the lowest numbered
input available where the show will fit. Your highest priority
shows will get card 1 and lower priority may need to go to lower
numbered cards or be marked at "C"onflicts if no more cards are

Therefore, if you would rather have your high priority shows record
on dish, have that as card 1. If the local cable input is currently
card 1, backup your database =), clear your card info on the first
page of the backend setup program, enter your card, video source
and input info for the dish card first then the cable card and input

Shows will be recorded in their earliest timeslots and when they
overlap, the higher priority will get dish. However, Input Preference
would go further.

Input Preference is just another factor used to add up the total
priority for a showing. Say you have an Input Preference of 1 for
dish on card 1 and 0 for card 2. Now let's say show "A" has a priority
of 2 and is shown at 8pm and repeated at 1am. When the show can
be recorded on card 1, it will have a total priority of 3. It would
only be 2 when on card 2 so it is preferable to record whenever it
can fit on card 1. Now, let's say there that show "B" has a priority
of 4 and is also on at 8pm. "B" wins the dish card for 8pm. "A"
has the choice of priority 2 at 8pm or 3 at 1am. The scheduler will
prefer the later showing on the better card rather than the earlier
showing on the lesser card.

Much more info at http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-11.html#ss11.6

--  bjm

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