[mythtv] 0.17 blocker? MythMusic fix unicode handling for metadata - Question to All

Hirobumi Shimada shimada at systemcreate-inc.com
Wed Feb 9 09:05:00 UTC 2005

Hi Colin,

I saw the source and specifications.

 > I can hack the various rendering functions out of libid3tag and include
 > them in the libid3tag_hack.c file and write valid 2.3 files for the
 > limited frames we currently use. Would potentially block future
 > expansion for other frames in the future tho'

Sounds good, but no time to release.

v2.3 seems to be good, when a lot of mp3 players not supported to v2.4.
and remove the supporting unicode if there is a problem. I hope fix the 
next release.


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