[mythtv] [PATCH] Add smart playlists to mythmusic

Wendy Seltzer wendy at seltzer.com
Mon Feb 7 19:37:08 UTC 2005

Thanks Paul,

This feature is great fun -- and very useful in a classical 
collection.  Am I missing the UI for adding categories, too? (for 
now, of course, using mysql directly does the trick).

As a general feature, I'd love to build on this one to display search 
results as options for the "select music" or "play music" screens, 
without putting them into a playlist per se.  For example, search 
music for recordings featuring Yo-Yo Ma, then select one or a few to 
add to the temporary "active" playlist.  If no one else is thinking 
along these lines, I'll see if I can dig into the code.


At 4:20 PM +0000 1/31/05, Paul wrote:
>This patch allows you to create playlists that are dynamically updated
>every time you select one by running a simple SQL query on the
>musicmetadata table. It allow you to, for example, create a playlist
>that contains all the tracks by a particular artist, all your favourite
>tracks, all the tracks from a genre etc. You can also create an order by
>clause which allows you to order the tracks how you like and limit the
>number of tracks in a playlist. Playlists can be grouped together by
>category. You could for example create categories called 'By Artist',
>'By Genre' etc. that way you don't get one big list of playlists but
>several playlist grouped together by a category. The patch adds a few
>demo smartplaylists to get you started.

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