[mythtv] [REQUESTS:] "View current recording" option + addition MythCenter theme

Jeroen Brosens jeroen at fotoniq.nl
Mon Feb 7 08:08:27 UTC 2005

Hello list (developers),

I created the MythCenter theme recently 
(http://www.fotoniq.nl/projects/mythtv/) and I have two requests for the 
upcoming 0.17 release.

When a recording is busy and one wants to view Live TV, MythTV comes up 
with a screen that says that Tuner x is currently recording a program 
and that one should navigate to the Recordings menu to view that 
recording. Isn't it possible to create an option on this screen (a 
button?) to view that recording directly? It would make more sense to me.

Next to that, is there any possibility to host my MythCenter theme on 
www.mythtv.org too? Or even better, incorporate it in the new release? 
I've had a lot of positive reactions on it. I'd be willing to make any 
neccessary adjustments as well of course.

-- Jeroen

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