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Mark Anderson markjanderson at mail.com
Sun Feb 6 21:21:52 UTC 2005

On Sunday 06 February 2005 15:30, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Monday 31 January 2005 04:28 am, Mark Anderson wrote:
> > On Monday 31 January 2005 16:53, Isaac Richards wrote:
> > > On Saturday 29 January 2005 05:26 pm, Mark Anderson wrote:
> > > > For those following the AC3 audio saga, here is a patch against the
> > > > CVS from yesterday to get AC3 audio up and running with DVB. This
> > > > patch is different to previous patches in a number of ways, mostly I
> > > > have changed things after advice from Isaac.
> > >
> > > Before I apply this - could you test moving the av_remove_stream to the
> > > Reset() function instead of SeekReset()?  That will only get called
> > > when channel/inputs change, instead of on every seek..
> >
> > Made the changes and everything seems to function correctly.
> >
> > I have included a new version diffed against CVS, this removes the change
> > in sitypes.cpp as indicated by Jesper. I also added a couple of comments
> > above the av_remove_stream code block.
> I've just reverted the av_remove_stream part of this patch.  It's causing
> normal XvMC to die on a channel change, and I haven't had time to track
> down why.  Can you come up with a better way to handle this?
> Isaac
Attached is a new version of the patch that does not clear out the video 
stream on a channel change, it only removes audio streams. Could someone who 
can reproduce this problem apply the patch (to the reverted CVS) and see if 
the channel change problem comes back. Also could someone confirm if the 
problem is exhibited when using TS rather than PS recording?

I just tested this patch with my system running nvidia XvMC and am able to 
change channels fine. I have an EPIA but haven't got around to setting up 
XvMC so am not in a position to test the unichrome XvMC at the moment.

Mark Anderson 

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