[mythtv] Experimental patch: configure detects audio output drivers

Jeremiah Morris jm at whpress.com
Sun Feb 6 13:02:47 UTC 2005

On Feb 5, 2005, at 5:38 PM, Ed Wildgoose wrote:

> Can't quite see how it works, but do remember that JACK can't be 
> tested for by simply running a Jack client because it might simply be 
> a case that the server isn't active right then.  Does this make sense?

Yes it does, and the patch should be safe in that case. In the test, 
it's just checking for the presence of <jack/jack.h> and -ljack. It 
doesn't even run a test program, it just compiles one. So, the status 
of the JACK server should be immaterial to the configure test.

The test program itself is as follows:

#include <jack/jack.h>
int main(void) { return (int) JACK_MAX_FRAMES; }

This gets built with the standard flags plus -ljack. If gcc complains, 
JACK support is off; if it compiles cleanly, JACK support is on.

- Jer

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