[mythtv] [PATCH] MythMusic Compilation Artist patch (fixed diff opts)

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Feb 5 14:05:46 UTC 2005

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Isaac Richards wrote:
>> Looked through this a bit, and, well, I can't apply this.  The 
>> indentation is completely messed up in parts, probably because you 
>> generated the diff with -b -B.
> Sugar.... I'll double check my files and regenerate... only cvs diff 
> options are -u but I'll make sure the indentation is sorted and repost...

OK I was lying... my .cvsrc had loads of weird diff options... No idea 
why they are there.... weird.

Anyways, I've regenerated and attached.

Let me know if there is any modifications you need/want prior to 
application. When is the final cut of 0.17 planned for by the way?



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