[mythtv] DVB Driver for the pcHDTV HD-3000

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Tue Feb 1 18:13:34 EST 2005

> Yes it does work at this time with the pchdtv driver... I don't see how it
> could ever work with the DVB driver (differing philosophies of data handling).

 	I'm sure it is.  It would be fairly easy to have *two* drivers 
separately... if the contention between the two could be worked out. 
Something like the bttv and btaudio drivers coexisting, perhaps? 
Basically merge the cx88 and dvb together with chip contention glue... 
/dev/video0 and /dev/video1 (blocking, of course).

> This is a VERY important feature for me for a couple reasons:
> 	#1 The card has it... it should be supported

 	Fair enough... it being "hard work" isn't a good excuse... :)
> 	#2 Those of us in the fringe need the NTSC channels to cover for
> 	the various LPs and such that do not have a ATSC broadcast.

 	From what I understand, the HDTV stuff is quite sensitive to noise 
issues.  Again, fair enough.

> 	#3 When on the fringe being able to fallback to the NTSC when the ATSC
> 	is not an option (due to rain.. etc.. messing with signal) although
> 	not supported yet would be a GREAT feature and I can see it happening
> 	fairly quickly after Daniel's patches go in. Recording snowy something
> 	is better than recording nothing. On my HD2000 card I rarely hit more
> 	than 68% signal on the best stations which as you can guess is
> 	marginal in bad weather.

 	Transparent fallback?  That sounds like a real bugger to 
implement... lots of different ways to do it.  Digital channels would need 
to have a record of the equalent analog channel.
> 	#4 Although WinTV cards and such are cheap... they take another PCI
> 	slot which most media PCs seem to be short on :} Hence both on one card
> 	is VERY nice when you want to do video capture from a video
> 	surveillance system that feeds onto your antenna line and such.
 	True.  As I said once before, though, the real killer card would 
have an MPEG-2 encoder chip for the analog SDTV feed.  I guess the 
processing power required isn't as big of a deal on the HDTV card.  If the 
machine has the umph to do HDTV, it should have enough to encode 
uncompressed video on the fly.  Of course, frontend has different 
requirements from backend, but still.  I'm just used to trying to coerce 
my dual Celeron 300->450 to do reasonable on-the-fly bt878 compression 
(didn't go).

> 	#5 profit ?!?   (err... ooops... how'd that get in there)

 	Can't forget that!  Maybe "geekness" fame and fortune... :)


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