[mythtv] MythMusic After CVS 2005.01.25 Uses Excessive X Resources

Paul Bender pbender at qualcomm.com
Tue Feb 1 12:43:42 EST 2005

Paul Bender wrote:
> Ed Wildgoose wrote:
>> Mind you I missed the part where you said it was X resource usage 
>> which was high...  Not sure then really...
>> Good luck
> Thanks.
> I noticed something.
> At the same time that MythMusic started using X excessively, the display 
> stopped showing the bitrate. Looking at mythmusic/playbackbox.cpp, I 
> noticed that the bitrate is not displayed if it exceeds 2000kbps (a hack 
> for CDs). Removing this conditional and recompiling, I saw that the 
> bitrate is now 44100kbps rather than the pre-decoded bit rate (~192kbps).
> Is is possible that the update rate of the display is linked to the 
> bitrate? If so, then a higher bit rate would result in more updates and 
> higher X usage.
> Anyway, I will keep looking into it.

I added a counter to the display that increments with each update of 
Info. During a an approximately 3:00 minute song, the counter 
incremented approximately 7692 times. That is, it increments 
approximately 43 times per second (which is very close to 44.1). This 
seems far too often for the information that is being reported.

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