[mythtv] mythplugins: Build tweaks required on x86_64

Randall Hopper viznut at charter.net
Sat Dec 31 16:12:27 EST 2005

Needed several modifications to build mythplugins on Athlon 64 (x86_64).
This is myth SVN from yesterday evening.

Essentially, some makefiles need -L/usr/X11R6/lib64 ($$LOCAL_LIBDIR_X11)
and/or -L/opt/kde3/lib64 on the link line.  See perl substititions below.  

Note that the second mod (mythbrowser.pro) could just as well have deleted
the bogus path altogether as the first mod (settings.pro) makes it useless.

cd mythplugins
./configure ...
perl -pi -e 's|LIBPATH \+= /usr/kde/3.3/lib\S*|LIBPATH += /opt/kde3/lib64|' settings.pro
perl -pi -e 's|/opt/kde3/lib|/opt/kde3/lib64|' mythbrowser/mythbrowser/mythbrowser.pro
perl -pi -e 's|LIBS \+=|LIBS += \$\$LOCAL_LIBDIR_X11|' mythgallery/mythgallery/mythgallery.pro
perl -pi -e 's|LIBS \+=|LIBS += \$\$LOCAL_LIBDIR_X11|' mythmusic/mythmusic/mythmusic.pro
make install


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