[mythtv] Tv power control idea

Dan Wilga dwilga at mtholyoke.edu
Fri Dec 30 10:03:43 EST 2005

It sounds like you're lucky enough to have a TV with discrete on/off 
IR signals. For anyone else who is reading this thread but isn't so 
fortunate, your idea won't work, because the TV would be turned *on* 
whenever the screen saver kicks in.

So, for those people, another idea would be to plug your TV into an 
X10 appliance module and connect your computer to an X10 interface. 
Then, you can use something like "heyu":


to send a powerline signal to turn the appliance module off and back 
on a few seconds later. When most TVs lose power briefly the screen 
turns completely off and stays that way. After power is reapplied a 
few seconds later, a human being can then turn the TV back on if they 
want to.
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