[mythtv] Broken AV sync after mythtranscode

Adam Egger mythtv2005 at bdam.de
Fri Dec 30 06:24:34 EST 2005

On 12/26/05, Geoffrey Hausheer <mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com> wrote:
> On 12/25/05, Adam Egger wrote:
> > Geoff, thank you very much for r8381 ;) This one fixed almost all my
> > A/V issues. All my transcoded files lose 40% of data and are perfectly
> > synchronous :D Great!
> I just checked in a rework of how PTS discrepencies are handled.  This
> should fix Tino's stream, but I may well have broken other cases.  The
> code adds quite a bit of complexity, unfortunately, so it is hard for
> me to be sure I covered everything.
> > The only small issue I still have are some green frames on every cut
> > point. Is it a known issue? Here's a small (1MB) transcoded file with
> > a cut point at the beginning:
> >
> I'm not actually able to reproduce this so far.  I did check in a fix
> for frame corruption after a cutpoint in 8386, but I don't think it is
> the same problem you are seeing.  How far in is the 1st cutpoint?
> Could you send me enough of the stream to duplicate the issue, along
> with the cutlist?

Your latest patches fixed all outstanding issues for me. Mythtranscode
really works great here. I don't see any green frames anymore and
there are no more asynchronous files. Thank you!

I just found one failing file with the following last lines:
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 VID: B #:7 nb: 2 pts: 00:17:03.786 dts: 00:17:03.786
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 Id:0 00:17:03.786 V:1 EXT: 199
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 Found invalid PTS (off by -00:00:31.840) at 13:57:47.094
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 Found invalid PTS (off by -00:00:31.840) at 13:57:47.134
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 Found invalid PTS (off by -00:00:31.840) at 13:57:47.174
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 VID: P #:11 nb: 2 pts: 00:17:03.946 dts: 00:17:03.826
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 Id:0 00:17:03.946 V:0 EXT: 199
2005-12-30 11:52:36.610 Deadlock detected.  One buffer is full when
                the other is empty!  Aborting

I've created a full log for this file and also an mplayer log (don't
know if you need both of them):
mythtranscode -i /big/myth/record/9_20051210184800.mpg -o
/tmp/test.mpg --show-progress -v all > /tmp/transcode.all.log
mplayer /big/myth/record/9_20051210184800.mpg > /tmp/mplayer.log

PS: Is --show-progress supposed to work with mpeg2fix?

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