[mythtv] A simple feature request

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Dec 29 21:49:16 EST 2005

Darryl Merritt wrote:

>My Myth TV backend has a 250Gb SATAII hard drive dedicated to MythTV
>recordings. It also has 750Gb of drive space (using LVM) for archiving
>anything I want to keep. I set it up this way so that MythTV has pretty
>much exclusive use of the drive to save the recordings.
>If I want to save a recorded TV show, I will copy the recording from the
>MythTV drive, tidy it up, rename, and save it away on the Media drive.
>I use MythWeb to manage the MythTv backend and use XBMC on the XBox as the
>front end to play back the both the saved media and MythTV recorded shows
>by sharing the drives with SAMBA.
>The result is that my young son can select a show that was recorded
>yesterday (from MythTV) or last month (from the archive) just by selecting
>a different menu item (SMB share) in XBMC.
>The downside of this setup is decoding the file names that the MythTV
>shows are saved as. I realise that users were not supposed to see the raw
>files but MythTV is just another source of media files, not the total
>I've pondered this for a while now, and the solution I have come up with
>is fairly simple. In a separate folder (maybe under the folder where the
>records are stored) is a symlink back to the original nuv/mpg file.
>The symlink name could be based on the channel, title and start date/time
>of the show.
>Eg  Record 'The Simpsons' on channel 10 at 6pm on 31st Dec 2005.
>The file as recorded by MythTV is  /TVShows/10_20051231180000.nuv
>so in /TVShows/titles/ a soft links are created pointing to the original
>saved files.
>/TVShows/titles/Ch10_The_Simpsons_2005Dec31_1800.nuv ->
>This takes up no extra disk space, doesnt change the way MythTV works and
>I could then just adjust the SMB share for MythTV to point to the
>/TVShows/titles directory instead of /TVShows.
>As the .nuv files are created and deleted by the MythTV backend, the
>symlink could be created and deleted at the same time.
>This enhancement would have no effect on transcoding and commercial
>cutting as this would still be done on the original file.
>I'm more than happy to help test and debug this enhancement.
There are scripts that already do this in the contrib folder of the 
MythTV source (create symlinks, that is)


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