[mythtv] dvb-s scanning with svn #8406

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Dec 29 16:37:51 EST 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 13:09, Simon Kenyon wrote:
> Just tried to use my nexus-s after a long gap
> I had previously removed all the channels etc, from my database.
> I added the card in mythtv-setup and then went to the scan channels page.
> It will not let me select the dvb-s card. It only shows my two pvr-x50's,
> so when it scans
> It does so on the wrong card. The dropdown will not let me select my dvb-s
> card.
> Is this a known problem or have I done something wrong?

and the answer was (drum roll)

if i set the card type and then went straight into scan it would not let me 
select the correct input.


if i set the card type and exited mythtv-setup and then went back in
well under that circumstance it would get the card type right and allow me to 

there is something funny going on with settings not being flushed to the 
database (or something like that)

thanks to all that answered. i'll post a ticket on trac


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