[mythtv] MythWeb problem?

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Wed Dec 28 08:17:43 EST 2005

*bangs head on desk*

Yeah you're right.  Sorry for not reading that small section!

My main problem (along with the non-existent htdigest file) was that the 
mod_auth_digest wasn't loaded, and I had lots of problems trying to load 
it.  Googling for it anywhere says use "digest_auth_module" to call the 
mod_auth_digest module.  The Apache docs confirms this here:


But the sticker is that I'm not using version 1.3 but rather version 2.0 
of Apache, so I thought "Hmm, lets check out the 2.0 docs" (pretty 
obvious you would have thought...) and found:


and it says it's called with "auth_digest_module".  2 words's placements 
has been changed over.  Which is why all of the advice on Google I read 
didn't work - it was for Apache 1.3.  Wasn't clear!

Argh!  Least it all works beautifully now!

Thanks very much for your help :)  Much appreciated!

Cheers - Piers

Chris Petersen wrote:
>> Comparing the .htaccess files in the old mythweb and the new one, I 
>> found the old .htaccess has an "AuthUserFile" while the new .htaccess 
>> has an "AuthDigestFile" - I tried changing the new one to 
>> "AuthUserFile" - it works, but throws a completely different error 
>> message.  I want to know if it's supposed to be AuthDigestFile or is 
>> AuthUserFile correct?
> It's whatever you want it to be.  I changed the sample config to digest 
> because digest is slightly more secure than standard auth..  But you 
> need to use htdigest instead of htpasswd in order to create the files 
> (that's explained in the comment right above the config, which tells you 
> to read the man page for htdigest)
> -Chris
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