[mythtv] MythTV 0.18.2?

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Tue Dec 27 21:05:55 EST 2005

On Tuesday 27 December 2005 17:27, Nigel Pearson wrote:
> > Certainly, though in looking at the changes in the latest
> > checksetup.cpp (7780), should I be using that, or the prior 7778?
> > Looks like 7780 might be  changes for the
> > new way live TV is handled in the trunk...
> 	Sorry, yes you are right. Make that:
> /trunk/mythtv/setup/checksetup.cpp?rev=7778
> /trunk/mythtv/setup/checksetup.h
> /trunk/mythtv/setup/main.cpp?rev=6609 (or newer?)

I'll go with 6698 for main.cpp to get the basic functionality plus the verbose 
option patch. Later revisions get a bit more invasive, touching additional 
files. Just committed...

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com
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