[mythtv] mythtv-backend upgrade flaw

Kyle Gordon kyle at lodge.glasgownet.com
Fri Dec 23 18:16:12 EST 2005


During a nightly upgrade of MythTV using your packages for Debian Unstable, 
the upgrade script stopped mythtv-backend without checking that it was in 
use. The end result was that a recording was cut off prematurely, without any 
warning or prompts. 

Would it not be better to have a script, such as one from the apache2 package, 
where it asks you if you are sure you want to stop the server, and gives you 
the option to leave it running in the meantime? It could even check the 
database to see if the recorder is being used, and not bother asking the user 
if it is actually safe to restart the daemon.

I could have a shot at writing a detection script, but I don't know how to 
integrate it into debconf unfortunately. Any thoughts?


Kyle Gordon
kyle at lodge.glasgownet.com

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