[mythtv] MythWeb problem?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Dec 23 11:39:17 EST 2005

> Error - data directory is not writable by www-data. Please check 
> permissions.
> Not in the README file.  Hmm...  Chowned the data folder to www-data and 
> all is OK - works perfectly fine.

That's fairly new.  Guess I forgot to update the README when I added 
that stuff.  But at least the error message now is informative, rather 
than just failing like it used to.  :)

> Re-enabled the auth lines in the .htaccess file and naturally it fails. 
>  As mythweb is exposed to the big bad old WWW, I think it might be a 
> good idea to fix it :)  Should I ask here or on the apache mailing list?

It's more of an apache issue.  Odd, though, since I thought every major 
distro included all of the auth modules by default.


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