[mythtv] Recording multiple channels on a single DVB transport

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Fri Dec 23 06:11:26 EST 2005

>>  And obviously you have problems reloading EIT data because you don't
>>necessarily have a tuner left to tune to the relevant multiplex with
>>(this is particularly annoying when it means you miss schedule changes
>>because of a background recording or have incomplete programme info
>>because the user simply hasn't let you tune to that multiplex recently).
>I don't see this as an issue, in fact I'm not even sure what you are talking 
>about? What is being proposed wouldn't change the current situation with 
>regards to EIT data at all. Well that isn't exactly true - in multi-tuner 
>machines it would result in a free tuner more often than, not the reverse.

Half agree, but it's a good point.  Obviously it would be possible for 
all the cards to be tied up and in some countries this would then mean 
you can't update the scheduler, but I think this is a small thing really 
because half the countries don't have that accurate EIT data, and most 
of us have lived with non updating data for many years anyway

But as you say the chances of a free tuner go up in general so that has 
got to be a good thing

I think as you said it would not be "too" hard to add multiple channels 
per card.  At the most basic I would suggest starting by grouping 
channels by multiplex and then the query itself can do a lot of the work

Ed W

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