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Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Dec 22 16:52:28 EST 2005

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>Ok, ticket #856 created.

Applied thanks.

>I have some more questions. What is the COMP key for?

You can use the COMP (compose) key to enter many accented 
characters or symbols that are not on the standard layouts.

They all consist of a 3 key sequence starting with the COMP key.
A few examples for you to try:

COMP, c, o
COMP, e, '
COMP, 1, 2 
COMP -, :

>Is it possible to create a bigger Return key (on both rows 2 and 3)?
>Please see the german keyboard layout at:

All of the layouts are simply themed dialogs so you can easily change the layout
to how you want by editing the xml files and creating new images for the keys.

>Are there any gifs which can be used for the arrow keys instead of <-
>or ->, or just to replace the words shift or return with the pictures
>used on most keyboards:

There are a few possibilities here. You may be able to find a better
character to use in the font for the arrows at least. You could edit the 
key images to add the return key symbol or you could overlay a UIImage
over the top of the key.


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