[mythtv] Wierdness in EncoderLink::MatchesRecording

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Thu Dec 22 10:51:06 EST 2005

While i was coding on my windows filters for mythtv i found something odd.
When it opens a file (or url) it sends a CHECK_RECORDING message to the
I'm testing with livetv running on my epia frontend, so in my case i should
be finding a recorder with the program.

The problem is that CHECK_RECORDING always returns with a zero even when it
should not.
What i did was to add lots of debugging output in
EncoderLink::MatchesRecording to check where it was failing.

The problem seems to be the line:
tvrec->recstartts == rec->recstartts
This is not true even if the debug output using
tvrec->recstartts.toString(Qt::ISODate) and
rec->recstartts.toString(Qt::ISODate) was the same.

Maybe they are off by a few miliseconds and thats why they are not equal?

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