[mythtv] Broken AV sync after mythtranscode

Tino Keitel tino.keitel at gmx.de
Thu Dec 22 07:28:34 EST 2005

On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 09:04:35 +0100, Tino Keitel wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 16:23:37 -0800, Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> > On 12/21/05, Tino Keitel wrote:
> > > Now I got a segfault during mythtranscoding this recording:
> > try it again after doing a 'make clean' in the mythtranscode dir, and
> > doin a 'qmake mythtranscode.pro'  There were some dependency issues
> > previously that prevented mythtranscode from building corrctly.  They
> > have been fixed, but you need to do the above once to reset
> > everything.
> When I built this SVN version, I did a SVN checkout from scratch, not
> just an update.

I tried it again with SVN 8347 and got the same segfault. A complete log
with -v all and gdb output is at


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