[mythtv] OSX build issues and patches

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Tue Dec 20 22:10:20 EST 2005

>>> * In qt-mac-free-3.3.4/mkspecs/macx-g++/qplatformdefs.h,
>>>     #define QT_SOCKLEN_T int
>>>   needs to be
>>>     #define QT_SOCKLEN_T socklen_t
>>>   in order to work with the latest system headers.
> I'd tend to suspect the system headers, though.
> I think we should automate these patches or serve our own, patched
> tarballs.

	I really would prefer not to have to patch Qt to
build MythTV packages. I finally got a copy of 10.4,
so should be able to do some 10.4.3 builds soon.
If I can verify the problem, I will fire off a bug
report to TrollTech.

>>> -            Syscall(['hdiutil', 'create', '-size', '1000m',
>>> "$SCRIPTDIR/.osx-packager.dmg",
>>> +            Syscall(['hdiutil', 'create', '-size', '1500m',
>>> "$SCRIPTDIR/.osx-packager.dmg",
>> 	Why increase this?
> A temporary state of hackery.  I *was* running out of space on that
> disk when I was building against QT4

	The latest version of the script builds and packages
all the relevant programs, which is just a smidgen bigger
than 1gB, so I have increased to 1.2

> My latest problem is that the construction of the MythBackend package
> isn't completing correctly.

	Should be fixed in the latest version?
(i.e. it builds & runs for me)

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