[mythtv] LiveTV OSD q's

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 15:21:39 EST 2005

I'm at a loss as to whether this type of email is better for the user list or 
this list, and as to whether the dev's want any ideas/feat. requests from 
users on this list...

SVN 8306
when in live TV the start time for the program displays the time you started 
watching and not the actual start time for the program your watching.

also, sort of a request/question on how the position OSD will work when the 
livetv stuff is done.

right now it shows the total buffer size and your position in that buffer. 
This makes sense for prerecorded shows. For LiveTV, it would be more useful 
as a user to know how much of the current program being watched is buffered, 
and where you are in that buffer.
One way I see it happening is using a two color progress bar, one showing the 
buffer progress the other showing the current location. Then have the 
displayed time text include the total show length similar to:
2:15 of 9:42 / 1:00
45:12 of 46:02 / 1:30

Also, in talking with Greg Estabrooks who's creating a great OSD, the 
Gray-OSD, it would be nice to see some enhancements to how the OSD works. Are 
changes to the OSD system part of the MFD system being worked on?


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