[mythtv] LiveTV Recordings question

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Mon Dec 19 15:16:38 EST 2005

On Monday 19 December 2005 15:12, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Todd Tidwell wrote:
> >>Having run SVN with the latest LiveTV changes for the last few weeks, I
> >>can
> >>tell you the worries are all for not. You don't see these "random"
> >>recordings
> >
> >Actually, that's not entirely true.  If you have it set to show groups,
> >categories, and titles, you *do* seem them.
> This should be logged as a bug, preferrable with a patch.  Just an
> oversight in the implementation.  I would guess that the code that
> filters this for normal display wasn't moved into the other section.

Well, no, if you set it to display groups, it should show the livetv group.  
Need the ability to go say you want to keep one somehow, and can't do that if 
it's completely hidden.


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