[mythtv] LiveTV Recordings question

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Dec 19 14:55:53 EST 2005

Todd Tidwell wrote:

>How about, then, a simple "Autoexpire LiveTV Recordings After Viewing" that
>just simply means they get autoexpired as soon as you change the channel or
>stop viewing LiveTV?  That doesn't seem like it would burden anyone in terms
>of adding to the complexity.
The answer here basically boils down to: You're thinking of your MythTV 
box like a computer and not like a DVR.  Why do you care how much disk 
space is being used currently by recordings that you cannot see from the 
UI and will be removed automatically to make space for other recordings?

If you use your partition for something other than the DVR, set your 
auto-expire buffer space higher to ensure you always have enough space.  
All the tools are in Myth to operate in either environment.  The issue 
is only in people's heads who cannot get over the fact that their disk 
is always basically "full" and that Myth will properly manage the space.


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