[mythtv] Broken recording, counters and fast forward/rewind broken

Tino Keitel tino.keitel at gmx.de
Mon Dec 19 09:29:47 EST 2005

Hi folks,

a LiveTV recording done with SVN 8303 has strange behaviour. The
counters show weired numbers and fast forward/rewind only skips ~2
seconds instead of 30 sekunds. After replacing the recording with the
output of mythtranscode --mpeg2, everything works as expected.

Other recordings done with the same version work fine.

I have put the first 8 MiB of the recording online at
<http://tikei.de/1517_20051218231445.mpg> (it's a serious documentation
partly related to Hitler, so please don't download if you feel offended
by such things).

Could the be a bug in mythtv to handle this recording?


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