[mythtv] XvMC - where'd it go?

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Sun Dec 18 20:24:12 EST 2005

Using a snapshot from today,
./configure --arch=pentium3 --enable-proc-opt --disable-joystick-menu \ 
--enable-dvb --dvb-path=/usr/src/linux/include --enable-xvmc

# Video Output Support
x11 support      yes
xrandr support   yes
xv support       yes
XvMC support     yes
XvMC VLD support yes
XvMC pro support no
XvMC libs        -lviaXvMC
OpenGL vsync     no
DirectFB         no

# Misc Features
DVD playback     no
Frontend         yes
Backend          yes

The frontend was previously running .18.1, with XvMC enabled so
its in the database.  However its not playing with XvMC, and I can't
find any option in the setup to re-enable it.  No other changes to the
frontend machine.

Any thoughts?

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