[mythtv] iec61883 docs?

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sun Dec 18 19:54:26 EST 2005

David Snider <dsnider at thesniderpad.com> writes:

> It looks like this is maintained at  http://www.linux1394.org/.  

Found that.

> Not much by way of documentation though, but there is contact info
> for the developers.  Good luck.  If you need help testing, I have to
> Macs that I compile frontends on.  Be glad to help.  I have a
> comcast DCT-6200 in close proximity to the Mac Mini, so I should be
> able to test exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Well, thanks; I do appreciate it.  I think I've just collected the
information I need to get data of the format expected for MythTV's
RingBuffer out of MacOS, so I may have something for you soon.
Probably what I'm going to do is write a QuickTimeRecorder, and that
should allow MacOS users to work with any video card that has a
QuickTime interface, in addition to FireWire.  Totally fried tonight,
though, and I have to go on vacation on Wednesday, so I can't promise
to have results soon.  And of course, everything I think will work may
turn out to be a dead end :)

I'll let you know,

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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