[mythtv] live tv: changing cards

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Sat Dec 17 11:59:42 EST 2005


this is interesting: in LiveTV changing channels by typing the number
directly - mythtv can switch from V4L to DVB-S but not back.

Say channum 1 is V4L, channum 2 is DVB-S. Upon entering Live TV the
channum 1 plays - when I press '2' it switches to DVB-S and plays
channum 2. But when I press '1' it does not switch back to V4L - the
channel 2 continues to play without any interruption. Pressing 'Y' for
direct switch of cards works correctly, though.

What logs to provide? With normal logging there is no sign of failure on
neither BE nor FE.



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