[mythtv] Using a unique key instead of hostname in settings

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Dec 16 13:50:57 EST 2005

Tomas Edwardsson wrote:

> Allan Stirling wrote:
>> Tomas Edwardsson wrote:
>>> I have been having problems with having to reconfigure frontends 
>>> because someone changed a hostname or domainname. Wouldn't it make 
>>> more sense that when generating the initial config the host would 
>>> generate a unique ID and save it onto the filesystem. It can then be 
>>> the hosts unique id for all settings.
>> In mysql.txt:
>> DBHostName=MyUniqueKey
> Its actually LocalHostName=MyUniqueKey.
>> And this is probably a users question, more than -dev.
> Well, I think that it is more "user friendly" to have this an 
> autogenerated ID to avoid conflicts and "losing settings" (I know they 
> aren't lost). I think this should be easy and with my modest C++ 
> skills should be able to write a patch.
How does it make it easier?  The hostname is easily remembered and 
easily set in the configuration file.  A unique key is generally 
non-human readable and unknown to the user.  If I had to rebuild a 
frontend with a different hardware, I would *hate* that a unique key was 
generated that I have to try to find.  Right now (which I just recently 
did), I simply set my frontend hostname in the config to match my old 
frontend hostname and the settings are identical.


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