[mythtv] MythMusic hacking help required

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Fri Dec 16 05:17:40 EST 2005


I've just been trying to select tracks on a CD by just looking at my 20x2
line LCD (to save turning on the TV).

Problem - the currently playing track display overwrites the browsed track
display before the browsed track (i.e. using cursor up/down) has scrolled
along far enough to see what it is!!

Solution - change the order of items displayed to the LCD so that the
track number and name comes first - after all, I already know what CD I
just put in so I don't need to be told the artist or album name every

Help - been looking through cddecoder and playbackbox but I can't work out
where the CD Metadata is output to the LCD :-(

Can anyone assist?


Robin Gilks

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