[mythtv] How to enable/disable entire config pages on the fly?

Geoffrey Hausheer mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com
Thu Dec 15 22:32:05 EST 2005

I am trying to fix the RecordingProfiles to make more sense from a
transcoding perspective.  What i need to do is to enable entire pages
depending on how the checkboxes are set.

For example on Page 1 there is a checkbox that says 'Resize Video ...'
When this box is checked, I want Page 2 to be the page which allows
setting the width/height.
When the box is cleared, I want Page 2 to be the codec-setting page.

I can use a slot to catch a state-change on the button (which works
fine), but calling setVisible or SetEnabled on the second window has
no impact.  I assume this is because it has already been drawn in
memory (if I use setVisible during construction, it behaves as
expected, disabling the window).

The only config type that seems to change on the fly is the
TriggeredConfigurationGroup which is actually a stack, where the
relevant element is raised to the top.  I don't see how this could be
easily applied to my situation.  Any ideas?

I'd also like to be able to click a box and have an item on the
current page be greyed out.  Again, i would this setEnabled would work
for this, but I've had no luck, and seen no instances in the code
which works this way.

Is any of this doable?


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