[mythtv] Autoexpire doesn't remove LiveTV files

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:37:05 EST 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 13:53, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Matt wrote:
> >On 11/24/05, BP <lists at qucae.com> wrote:
> >>Isaac Richards wrote:
> >>>Wasn't planning on it - the intention was to clear out really short
> >>> things generated from channel flipping quickly, and then allow the
> >>> autoexpirer to delete longer ones as it needed space.  If you don't
> >>> want longer programs cluttering up the listings, though, I think you
> >>> can switch to the 'Default' program group and they won't show up.
> >>>
> >>>Isaac
> >>
> >>Does this mean live tv files will not get cleaned up if I have
> >>auto-expire disabled?  I do not trust a computer to decide which
> >>recordings I wish to keep and those I do not.  If I miss a recording due
> >>to lack of space, it's my fault.  That is my preference.
> >>
> >>Seems rather annoying if I will now have to do manual maintenance of all
> >>the live tv files.
> >>
> >>Anyone else fall in to this use case?
> >
> >Yea, I agree with you... and like someone else said, if my disk gets
> >3/4 full, I start watching shows (usually in time-stretch) or deleting
> >ones I know I won't watch or don't want to keep anymore.  However, I
> >guess I also don't mind setting specific recordings to
> >not-auto-expire.  In the end, the critical shows won't purge and I
> >usually don't have to worry about filling the hard disk anyway.
> >
> >Either way, I'm always a fan of more options unless it become too
> >overwhelming to either use or for the developers to program.
> This is the downside to knowing so much about the innards of your PVR.
> Tivo users don't care if their hard disk fills up as the system manages
> the space.  Myth is the same way yet many of us do not treat our system
> that way and get unnerved when we don't see hundreds of gigs of free
> space.  I got over this recently and now understand that as long as I
> set my auto-expiration flags properly, I never miss a recording I want
> and only things I don't care about are removed.
> Kevin

Theres also the whole archival thing. With the Tivo people don't really think 
about archiving stuff, with Myth I think there might be more a sense of "I 
want to keep all the shows I've recorded and like." knowing more space is 
just adding another harddrive away, regardless if it actually ever gets 

Question about the new LiveTV stuff...
Tivo would constantly record whatever was on the channel tuned to regardless 
of whether it was being watched. It saved the last 30mins of the channel. 
What was nice was immediately upon entering live TV if you get caught into 
whatever was on you could rewind to catch the earlier portions of it. 
Convenient when the last thing you recorded/watched was on, like, Comedy 
Central, where going back to LiveTV might end up being a really funny 
comedian you might not normally have watched.

Now, I know Myth is more for recording and playback, but my understanding of 
the LiveTV rewrite was to allow for better support of watching TV Live. Is 
this type of ringbuffer idea something that has been thought over by the devs 
(ijr in specific I guess?). It might be a nice feature once the rest of the 
rewrite is in its final stages/done?

Another thought was being able to have a LiveTV default tuner, that when not 
busy recording will be the tuner to be used. I don't know what the current 
criteria for the selected tuner is, but my cable box input, while being tuner 
2 and at a lower priority than my HD3000 card at tuner 1, does have more 
channels, and is always selected as the live TV tuner. I hope to get a second 
cable box soon and connect it via firewire for the channels I can get that 
are not set as 5C=0, so I'll be interested to see how it handles that, since 
I'll have my priority set as:
1. HD3000
2. Firewire'd cable box
3. PVR150'd cable box.
I think I'd prefer to have the firewire'd cable box as my default live TV 
tuner since most of the channels I'll watch live will be available through 
it, with occasional tuning to channels only on the PVR150'd box. Saving my 
HD3000 for pretty much record only duties since its basically only tuning OTA 
HD stations.

Another thought I had, though I haven't really thought it through, was the 
ability to have LiveTV files recorded to a seperate directory than specificly 
recorded shows. Something to ponder maybe...?

all said and done , I've been running 8199 and its been great for liveTV so 
far through the PVR150. Still has some issues switching over to the HD3000 
occasionally but like I said, I don't really need to use it for live TV. One 
thing I do like is how when it needs to use the tuner to record it pops up 
the question asking what you'd like to do. Very spiffy!


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