[mythtv] Adding A Clock To The Watch Recordings Screen

ben levitt benjie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 20:44:00 EST 2005

I'm trying to add a clock UIType so that Myth themes can include a
clock in themed dialogs.

I'm doing this because I want a clock on the watch recordings screen,
so I'll know if I should watch another MythBusters, or go to sleep. 

I created a subclass of UITextType called UITimeType.  It runs a timer
that is correctly calling back to the UITimeType's animate method
every second.  This method is correctly updating the text of the
UITimeType, and calling refresh();

The remaining problem is that the clock only updates on the screen
when I manually cause an overlapping UIType to refresh, for example,
by scrolling up/down in the recording list.

How can I force the UITimeType to update itself on the screen every
time its timer calls its animate() method?

Do I need to get ahold of the MythDialog and tell it to refresh the
bounds of my UITimeType, as the UIAnimatedImageType seems to do?  If
so, how the heck is UIAnimatedImageType's m_window getting set?


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