[mythtv] OSX build issues and patches

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Wed Dec 14 18:53:47 EST 2005

	David, some discussion on your changes:

> * I'm trying to build a backend, so that's been enabled in the script.

	I suspect that most people will _not_ be building
the backend for a while, so I would like to leave that
default as is. How about a '--enable-backend' flag?

> * Many of the SourceForge download addresses in there wouldn't work
>   for me.  I changed the script to use a different mirror

	I guess we should have a variable up near the top
to select a particular mirror. I have added:

our $sourceforge = 'http://internap.dl.sf.net'

> * FreeType is now at 2.1.10 and you can't get 2.1.9 anymore; updated

	Indeed. Will check in that change now.

> * As part of one flawed attack at the problem above, I tried it with
>   QT 4.  Its configure options are completely different.  I left those
>   lines in the script, commented out, in case it becomes useful to
>   someone.

	Thanks. It will come in handy.

> * After I got the QT mac version test program to compile, it wouldn't
>   link.  Based on
>   http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-interest/2005-05/thread00265-0.html I
>   added -lobjc to the link line.  Since it seemed to have the answers
>   I also added '-platform macx-g++' to the configure options.  I don't
>   remember offhand whether that addressed a specific obstacle or if I
>   just went on faith based on that article.  I know it was necessary
>   when I was trying to work with QT4, so it may well have been needed.

	That doesn't seem to be needed for a frontend build against
QT/Mac 3.3.4, so I have left it out for now.

> * In libexif-0.6.12/libexif/exif-utils.c, line 86, exif_get_sshort is
>   defined as static after being already declared without; I had to
>   comment out the 'static' in order to make the compiler happy
> * In qt-mac-free-3.3.4/mkspecs/macx-g++/qplatformdefs.h,
>     #define QT_SOCKLEN_T int
>   needs to be
>     #define QT_SOCKLEN_T socklen_t
>   in order to work with the latest system headers.

	Weird. The build just works for me. Are you using a newer GCC?

% gcc --v
Reading specs from /usr/libexec/gcc/darwin/ppc/3.3/specs
Thread model: posix
gcc version 3.3 20030304 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 1495)

> * Some QT things were failing to find -lXext at link time, and after
>   mucking about with fink for *way* too long trying to find it (and I
>   hope I didn't mess up my configuration), I realized it was already
>   installed.  So I added -L/usr/X11R6/lib to qmake_opts and QT got
>   happier.

	That is not a correct fix. The OS X frontend
does not use _any_ X11 code. Nada. Ziltch.
If something is trying to pull in X11 stuff,
then _it_ needs to be fixed.

	I will do a --enable-backend build next,
and see if I can reproduce this fault.

	Is it possible that you have a Qt/X11 build
(e.g. Fink's) that is somehow being referenced?

> * mythtv seems to hardcode the use of distcc into its Makefiles, and
>   OSX doesn't have a distcc binary available

	Hmmm. My 10.3.9 install has it:

% which distcc

	I am not sure why it is often enabled,
but configure lets you turn this off:

% ./configure --disable-distcc
# Basic Settings
Compile type     release
Compiler cache   no
DistCC           no

% head config.mak
# Automatically generated by configure - do not modify

(instead of the default:
  % head .osx-packager/src/myth-svn/mythtv/config.mak
  # Automatically generated by configure - do not modify
  QMAKE_CC=distcc cc

> @@ -1048,7 +1076,7 @@
>      {
>          if (! -e "$SCRIPTDIR/.osx-packager.dmg")
>          {
> -            Syscall(['hdiutil', 'create', '-size', '1000m', 
> "$SCRIPTDIR/.osx-packager.dmg",
> +            Syscall(['hdiutil', 'create', '-size', '1500m', 
> "$SCRIPTDIR/.osx-packager.dmg",

	Why increase this? The previous size is plenty big enough
for the frontend plus some extra growth (extra plugins, a few
archived copies of the frontend, et cetera). Bigger means that
people need that much extra space on their disks to actually
create the image.

% df -k .
Filesystem   1K-blocks   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/disk1s2   1023960 807704 216256    79%    /Volumes/MythOSXbuild

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