[mythtv] A few potential bugs ...

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 18:55:25 EST 2005

I'm starting to think I attract bugs, at the very least some of the devs must 
be sick of me!

Here are a trio of bugs/problems which I have encountered with current SVN:

1. Seek table weirdness. For the third time in two days the seek table for a 
recording appears to be corrupted - that is the 'seek table' not the 'seek 
table table' if you follow! I started to watch two of these recordings whilst 
they were still in progress but otherwise I cannot see any connection between 
them. I had to rebuild each one with mythcommflag --rebuild

2. I was watching (testing) live-tv when the 'a recording will start' dialogue 
appeared. I elected to watch as it was recorded. A minute or two into the 
recording I exited to the menu and noticed that the recording ended when I 
left playback. It also seems the recording was added to the live-tv group 
instead of the default group.

3. Although the backend log stated that the above recording ended, according 
to the 'Program Guide' screen in the scheduling options the recording was 
still in progress. Selecting 'Stop Recording' on the contextual menu had no 
effect and I had to restart the backend before I was able to restart the 
recording. I've noticed a similar problem with transcoding, selecting 'Stop 
Transcoding' from the 'Watch Recordings' screen just refused to work for me.

4. Yes I know I said 'trio', but I'm not sure if this is a bug or user error. 
I was trying out the new 'MPEG-2' transcoding option but each time it failed 
complaining "Transcoding aborted, need MPEG-2". Is there a new dependency 
that I've missed? It finally died with "Deadlock detected. One buffer is full 
when the other is empty! Aborting"
Stuart Morgan

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