[mythtv] Re: ivtv buffer overflow

Niels den Otter otter at kjoe.net
Tue Dec 13 17:33:45 EST 2005

Andy Hopper wrote:
> And then saw your last post over here. I tried using the ivtvdecoder.cpp
> version that you link to (though it did not build out of the box due to
> the fact that RingBuffer doesn't have a GetTotalReadPosition() method; I
> just called GetReadPosition() which seems to work based upon my testing so
> far).

Well it seems to make a difference, but it's not a complete solution:

Dec 13 23:31:21 localhost kernel: ivtv0 warning: ENC Stream 0 OVERFLOW
#1564: Stealing a Buffer, 512 currently allocated

Just had a re-occurence of the problem...

-- Niels

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