[mythtv] OSX build issues and patches

Jeremy McDermond mcdermj at xenotropic.com
Tue Dec 13 15:00:31 EST 2005

David --

I can't tell you the exact SVN version, but as of Dec 4th, I have a  
build of the OSX frontend on Tiger.  I made pretty much all of the  
changes you did but I'm not using ccache that I'm aware of.

The Xinerama stuff at least, will be contained in /usr/X11R6/lib/ 
libXinerama.dylib.  The others are stuff like QComboBox, which look  
like QT stuff. (It looks like you have qt-mt linked though, so you  
may want to go down that road a little further.

Hope this is of some help.  I'm not home for a month, otherwise I'd  
look at my build environment a little.

Jeremy C. McDermond
Xenotropic Systems
mcdermj at xenotropic.com

On Dec 13, 2005, at 6:39 AM, David Abrahams wrote:

> Thanks to Geoff Kruse I found the osx-packager.pl script and have been
> using that to try to build mythtv for OSX (Tiger).  It's been quite an
> adventure, despite the script!  I've made some progress, which I'll
> report here, and I think I need some help, too.
> I've enclosed my current patch for the script.
> * I'm trying to build a backend, so that's been enabled in the script.
> * Many of the SourceForge download addresses in there wouldn't work
>   for me.  I changed the script to use a different mirror
> * FreeType is now at 2.1.10 and you can't get 2.1.9 anymore; updated
> * I had some major issues because I had installed ccache with Fink
>   Commander, but somehow the cache directory was set to /dev/null and
>   I didn't know how to reconfigure it.  Since g++ becomes a symbolic
>   link to ccache when it's installed, the QT test program that looks
>   for the Mac version was failing mysteriously, and I could never get
>   that #define set up.  From there on it looked as though gcc's
>   preprocessor was broken.  I had to add -v to QT's configure options
>   and watch messages carefully to even get a clue about this one.
> * As part of one flawed attack at the problem above, I tried it with
>   QT 4.  Its configure options are completely different.  I left those
>   lines in the script, commented out, in case it becomes useful to
>   someone.
> * After I got the QT mac version test program to compile, it wouldn't
>   link.  Based on
>   http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-interest/2005-05/thread00265-0.html I
>   added -lobjc to the link line.  Since it seemed to have the answers
>   I also added '-platform macx-g++' to the configure options.  I don't
>   remember offhand whether that addressed a specific obstacle or if I
>   just went on faith based on that article.  I know it was necessary
>   when I was trying to work with QT4, so it may well have been needed.
> * In libexif-0.6.12/libexif/exif-utils.c, line 86, exif_get_sshort is
>   defined as static after being already declared without; I had to
>   comment out the 'static' in order to make the compiler happy
> * In qt-mac-free-3.3.4/mkspecs/macx-g++/qplatformdefs.h,
>     #define QT_SOCKLEN_T int
>   needs to be
>     #define QT_SOCKLEN_T socklen_t
>   in order to work with the latest system headers.
> * Some QT things were failing to find -lXext at link time, and after
>   mucking about with fink for *way* too long trying to find it (and I
>   hope I didn't mess up my configuration), I realized it was already
>   installed.  So I added -L/usr/X11R6/lib to qmake_opts and QT got
>   happier.
> * mythtv seems to hardcode the use of distcc into its Makefiles, and
>   OSX doesn't have a distcc binary available, at least, not from the
>   usual places.  I had to download and build distcc from source.
> * I'm now getting some link errors when building libmyth; I'm not sure
>   how to address these.  Can anyone help?

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