[mythtv] investigating the firewire issues people are having with the DCT boxes

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 09:52:43 EST 2005

I'm trying to figure out why some folks have issues with firewire connections 
to their Motorola DCT hdtv cable boxes.

I personally have two machines I've tried, my laptop which has worked 
perfectly for me so far, and my dedicated mythtv machine which has issues 
changing channels.

Since channel changing seems to be the major problem, with no data streaming 
being the second problem (and possibly related), I'm trying to see why 
channel changing goes awry.

With my box I notice when I use my dedicated machine the box seems to get 
multiple entries of certain digits which cause the box to tune the wrong 

I'm wondering if any of the dev's have any ideas for me to look into as why 
this could be happening?


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