[mythtv] Re: single source (cablebox) two input methods (pvr-150and firewire) work together?

Graham Mitchell gmitch at woodlea.com
Mon Dec 12 18:35:29 EST 2005

Haven't tried yet, should be there in a couple of months.... But I'm
planning 2 lineups... one for the cable boxes (ch > 99), and one (well 2
actually) for the analog channels (ch < 100). For the 5C ones, I have a
3rd 150  card I am going to hook up to my 2nd cable box for that (with a
different lineup).

> they said that they can't give out more than one HDTV cable box per

BullS%$t.... I have 2 HD boxes here... OK, they'll charge you $5 for the
additional box, then screw you another $5 for the HD programming on that
box too (ie 2 HD boxes cost $20).. I got a nice CSR at the local Comcast
shop, and she waived the additional HD programming charge.


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On Thursday 08 December 2005 09:34, Steve Adeff wrote:
> Sent this to the user list with no response, so I assume its not
> -----
> ok, DCT6200, with 5C on many channels, os some channels can be
> through the firewire no problem, the rest can use the pvr-150.
> Is there a way to set it up so that when Myth needs to record a 5C=0
> channel it uses the firewire transfer from the box but when it needs
> record a 5C=1+ it uses the PVR-150? I can manually tell Myth which
> use firewire and which use the PVR-150 but what I need to know is if
> is a way to tell it that both methods are using the same cable box and
> therefore it can't use both simultaneously?
> ------
> Since many people will have a similar setup with their cable box (some
> channels 5C=0 some 5C=1, a nice ability would be to be able to have
> take some channels via firewire and some via a PVR-150 from the same
> box.
> any thoughts?

just want to add a note... I just called my cable company (comcast) and
said that they can't give out more than one HDTV cable box per account.
talked to my father who uses Comcast across the country and he says
thats the 
policy there as well. Who knows how long this (silly) rule will apply,
but it 
does increase the desireability (at least in the short term) of this

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